We need true tax reform to help middle-class families

Daytona Beach, FL – On the sixth-month anniversary of the House passing the Republican tax bill, which will blow a $1.9 trillion hole in the deficit and raise taxes on millions of middle-class families, Democratic candidate Nancy Soderberg in Florida’s 6th Congressional District released the following statement.

“It has been 6 months since the Republican Congress jammed through their irresponsible tax bill in the middle of the night,” said Soderberg. “The result has been crippling new debt and an enormous handout to big corporations and their special interest donors, all on the backs of working Floridians.”

“Just as we thought, this bill has been bad for Florida and bad for middle-class Americans:

  • The Republican tax bill creates a $1.9 trillion hole in deficit. Republicans are now using the massive deficit they created to justify deep, archaic cuts to Medicare, Social Security and other critical programs
  • Corporations have made billions in profit as a result of the tax savings, and instead of hiring new employees as promised by Republicans, they have bought back corporate stock
  • Healthcare premiums will skyrocket by nearly $2,000 this year as a direct result of this bill”

“The Republican Congress in Washington does not have your back and Florida families deserve better. Florida voters recognize this law for what it is and are rightfully rejecting it. We need true tax reform to help middle-class families and small businesses, not laws that blow holes in the deficit, undermine health care, and give handouts to big corporations while raising taxes on the middle class. As your Representative, I will support real tax relief for middle-class families, but this Washington driven bill comes nowhere close to getting the job done.”

For more information contact: Blake Davis  blake@soderbergforcongress.com