“Ultimately, it will all work out.”

After months of taunting and threats to North Korea, we saw a different President Trump today in his visit to Seoul.

It was a remarkable and welcome change of tone. Today, President Trump seemed more inclined to let diplomacy work, backing off on previous remarks that negotiations would be a waste of time.

In fact, he seemed to indicate progress and faith in diplomatic efforts, saying “Ultimately, it will all work out.”

As a former Ambassador, I have been concerned about President Trump’s lack of restraint in his comments and actions in foreign policy issues, bringing us closer to nuclear war than many realize.

So, while I believe this is still a very precarious situation (particularly for our citizens and allies in the region and within range of North Korea’s missiles), I am encouraged that sanity might be peeking through the door.

All options must remain on the table. Diplomacy is not always the solution. But given the many that would die in a conflict with North Korea, we owe it to them and all Americans to exhaust other options first.

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– Nancy Soderberg