This Memorial Day, we remember…

On Memorial Day, we honor those who died while bravely serving our country. First known as Decoration Day, the holiday was celebrated by Southern families who brought flowers to the graves of loved ones. On May 5, 1868, the commander-in-chief of Civil War veteran organization, Grand Army of the Republic, established Memorial Day. We take this day to recognize the great sacrifices made by many to protect all of our lives and freedoms. We are also reminded of the families of fallen service members, and mourn with them.

Today, our freedoms remain under threat and we continue to call on our fellow Americans to serve. I am running for office to ensure that the same rights  so many gave their lives to preserve remain intact for all Americans. I also want to ensure that veterans receive the best care possible. Last week, Congress passed the VA Mission Act, which would expand veterans’ access to healthcare, but would so only through inferior and privatized systems. It’s a political move that prioritizes the privatization of healthcare over the health of veterans who so badly need services.

Once in Congress, I will fight to get veterans the services they deserve, not ones that push a political agenda. I will work tirelessly across the aisle to make sure that veterans, and all Americans, have access to affordable, quality healthcare.

Thank you,

– Nancy Soderberg