It’s time for John Ward to end his campaign

May 29, 2018

Daytona Beach, FL –  In response to Republican candidate John Ward’s continued un-American position on voting rights for American citizens who happen to come from Puerto Rico, Democratic candidate Nancy Soderberg released the following statement:

“John Ward has had ample time to do the right thing and rescind his repulsive and bigoted comments about Puerto Ricans living in Florida. But instead, he has chosen to double down on them. That is an affront to the more than 10,000 active duty U.S. military personnel from Puerto Rico serving across the respective branches of our armed forces. Puerto Ricans contribute billions in taxes each year – taxes that helped pay for emergency relief after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and Irma hit Florida. Yet John Ward seems to think that it is acceptable to deny people the right to vote simply because they don’t look or vote like him.”

“The right to vote is the very cornerstone of democracy, and anyone who ignores or threatens that right has no business seeking public office. Now that John Ward has shown his true colors, it’s time for him to end his campaign. Running for Congress, or any office, is a calling to serve your community, your district, your state, your country, and most importantly, to serve your constituents – all of them. Not just the Republicans, or the Democrats, or the Independents, but all of your constituents. That is the most basic and fundamental expectation we should have from our elected representatives, but John Ward’s words and actions show his values run contrary to who we are as a country, as a state, as a district, and as a community. It’s time for John Ward to end his campaign.”

Soderberg’s call for John Ward to end his campaign and apologize to the Puerto Rican community adds to the growing bipartisan movement for him to drop out of this race.

For more information contact: Blake Davis