Soderberg campaign reaches $2 million mark


September 11, 2018

Daytona Beach — Today, former U.S. Ambassador and FL-06 Democratic nominee Nancy Soderberg, announced that her campaign crossed the $2 million mark over the course of her campaign. With over 7,500 contributions this cycle, the majority of which are $100 or under, Soderberg is running a robust grassroots-led campaign.

“We continue to be blown away by the grassroots support driving our campaign,” Soderberg said. “Florida families in this district have made it clear they are ready new leadership. I hear time and again from folks here that they want a Representative who listens to them and understands their struggles. They know they can count on me to protect protections for pre-existing conditions because I’ve lived with one. They know they can count on me to protect Social Security and Medicare instead of threatening to make deep cuts, because I listen to seniors who are worried about their ability to retire. I’m proud to fight for folks here and I’m proud of the movement we’re building together.”

Soderberg’s fundraising success adds to the strong momentum her campaign is receiving from the latest poll for Florida’s 6th Congressional District, which shows her tied with her Republican opponent, Michael Waltz. Soderberg’s fundraising numbers, in conjunction with the poll, prove that this open seat is up for grabs for Democrats in 2018.

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