Roughly 300 miles from Alabama

The best part about what happened last night in Alabama is the momentum it’s creating for Democratic candidates across the nation. This bodes well for us.

Senator-elect Doug Jones’ incredible victory is further proof that when you stand for what’s right, and run an inclusive campaign that brings people together, you can win! That’s what we are doing in District 6, here in Florida.

Doug Jones’ win is only the latest in a string of victories across the country by Democrats that are doing more than opposing President Trump’s agenda: They’re presenting themselves as a reasonable, rational alternative to voters of all parties.

In Jones’ case, he wasn’t just an alternative to Moore—he also happened to be an experienced prosecutor who had taken on the KKK and was fighting for affordable health care and the middle class.

Here in District 6, we’re building support because these fights—for affordable health care, reasonable wages, and civil rights—transcend partisanship.

But voters can only vote based on what they know—and we must be able to communicate down the home stretch if we are to close the deal.

Contribute here and let’s secure another crucial seat.

Thank you,

– Nancy Soderberg