Keeping Florida Safe

I’m proud to have served my country as a national security official in the US Senate and White House and Ambassador to the United Nations. As a former deputy National Security Advisor and Ambassador to the United Nations, I embraced that concept in working to negotiate peace agreements and fight for democracy and justice around the world.

It is that ability to see a new path forward and bridge partisan politics that Congress needs today. I’ve fought for democracy around the world – now I intend to fight for American families right here in Florida 6th congressional district.

In Congress, I will:

  • Encourage the Use of Diplomacy Worldwide: Our nation faces a myriad of threats, from North Korea’s nuclear weapons program to Russia meddling in our elections to instability in the Middle East and Africa. Diplomacy is the first line of defense for our nation, and is critical to stopping conflicts before they start.
  • Support our Troops: My father was a proud Korean War veteran and 82nd Airborne paratrooper, and he always told me the country must always be prepared to fight – but that the military option must be the last option. My experience in national security will help me work effectively in Congress to address these threats and the many others we confront. When diplomacy fails, we must have the resources to act. We must support robust funding for our armed forces to ensure they have the resources they need to win any fight in which they are called upon to engage.
  • Forge Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Keeping Americans safe also means addressing threats here at home. We must secure our borders and work to keep out those who seek to do us harm. We also need to fix our broken immigration system and forge comprehensive immigration reform that enables Americans to hire the workforce they need, allow children brought here by their parents to remain, and compassionately address others who came here to seek a better life.