Creating Jobs Your Family Can Live On

Life for too many families in our district remains a daily struggle. Facing over 6 percent unemployment – almost 2 points higher than the national average – people can’t make ends meet. Growing our small businesses, increasing infrastructure investment, and balancing the budget will bring jobs and economic opportunity to our district.

In Congress, I will fight to:

  • Protecting and Growing Small Businesses: Locally-owned small businesses are the engine that keeps our economy going. By expanding access to capital, making it easier for our small businesses to bid for federal contracts, and reducing barriers for small businesses and entrepreneurs, Congress can make it easier for small businesses to compete and create local jobs. These programs will also bring more 21st century small businesses to our community, such as wind, solar, batteries – and other high-tech jobs. This will organically grow jobs that keep money in our local economy.
  • Invest in Infrastructure: Infrastructure investment will bring our district into the 21st century. I welcome the opportunity to work with President Donald Trump on modernizing our infrastructure and connecting our communities. We must ensure that our cities and counties have the state and federal resources needed to keep our interstates, freeways, state and local roads in top condition. This means investing in
    • transportation options to 21st century standards, including fast rail and clean energy bus service.
    • prioritizing fixing beach roads still damaged from recent hurricanes and preventing erosion by nourishing our beaches and repairing our dunes will ensure access to our beautiful beaches and encourage tourism.
  • Balance the Budget: I worked in the last White House to balance the budget – Congress should balance the budget and take action to address our rising deficits. Massive deficits will make it harder for our country to make the investments necessary to boost economic opportunity and growth. That’s why the recent tax cuts were so concerning. They will add to our deficit without doing enough to help the middle-class. The tax cuts also lay the groundwork to cut Social Security and Medicare – the very programs that provide retirement security and will work to ensure that we keep our promise to seniors. We cannot let this happen.