Investing in Education

As a professor at the University of North Florida, I know the importance of quality and affordable education. In Congress, I will work to make sure that students are getting the education they need in order to expand their economic opportunities, improve access to affordable education, and ensure students are prepared to thrive in our global economy.

In Congress, I will fight to:

  • Reduce the Burden of Student Debt: Over $1.4 trillion is owed in student loans in the United States. I will fight to pass legislation preventing predatory increases in student loan interest rates, making it easier to refinance student loans, and allowing for automatic enrollment in Income-Based Repayment for all federal student loans. We have to work to make college more affordable by incentivizing quality improvements and cost reductions at public universities and community colleges.
  • Expand Access to Technical and Skills Training: Too many students are forced to leave our communities to find good paying jobs, often resulting in employers being unable to find people with the right skills to fill high paid positions. Expanding access to technical and skills training will help prepare Floridians for high paying jobs. In Congress, I will push to boost funding for Career Technical Education and vocational programs, as well as make sure that these programs coordinate with local employers. This will bridge the gap by better connecting employers and students.
  • Commitment to Higher Education: Our country must make investments to ensure our children receive a high-quality education. This means fully funding our public schools and paying our teachers the salaries that they earn. I also oppose federal funding for voucher programs that fund private schools at the expense of traditional public schools. Public school should not be turned into a private business.