Press Release: Nancy Soderberg Statement on DeSantis Withdrawal

CRESCENT BEACH, Fla., Jan. 5, 2018 –– Nancy Soderberg, national security expert, educator and small business owner, running for Florida’s Sixth Congressional district, issued the following statement in response to Rep. Ron DeSantis’s decision not to run for re-election:

“Every day, our campaign for Congress continues to build momentum. We have established a strong grassroots organization and our network is expanding. I’ve had the privilege to meet with thousands of voters throughout our district who want a representative who will fight for them.

“Congressman DeSantis’s decision to run for governor only reinforces my commitment to serve the people of the Sixth District. No matter who emerges as the new Republican nominee — I intend to win.

“It’s time for a change. The people of our district deserve a Representative who will work for the middle class. I will continue to fight against the disastrous Washington Republican-led health care bills and make health care a central issue of this campaign. Anyone, Republican or Democrat, who proposes throwing over a million Floridians off health care, making massive cuts to Medicaid, raising premiums on those over 50 and eliminating the protection of pre-existing conditions — can anticipate a vigorous debate from me.

“I served our country on the National Security Council and as an United Nations Ambassador, working to keep our country safe. Now, as a professor, I work to give our young people a better opportunity in life. As a small business owner, I know the importance of ensuring taxes and regulations help, not hurt, working families. In Congress, I intend to continue this work — to keep our country safe from terrorism — and to expand opportunity for our next generation.”