Our political leaders are failing us on healthcare

The United States spends more money on healthcare than any other nation, but the care we receive is some of the worst in the world among developed countries.

Can you make a quick contribution so we can get to Congress and actually pass bills that solve our healthcare crisis?

In Florida, the situation is even more catastrophic: Health organizations rank us lower than almost every other state in metrics such as access, avoidable costs, prevention and treatment, and support for vulnerable populations. Our uninsured rate here is one of the highest in the country, prescription drug prices are projected to rise by 6.2% this year, and average exchange premiums are set to go up by an astounding 26% to 71%.

Unless our political leaders come together soon to make necessary fixes, our healthcare system will continue its downward spiral. They need to come forward with common sense solutions to lower these costs, not threaten to remove government healthcare assistance programs or cut Medicare and Medicaid by billions of dollars.

We need to stabilize the healthcare market, pass legislation to regulate prescription drug prices and come together to improve quality, cost, and access. Most importantly, we should push state leaders to accept federal money to expand Medicaid, which would instantly provide coverage for 1.8 million Floridians at almost no cost to the state.

Our elected representatives need to stop treating politics like team sports and must start working to pass legislation to fix this growing list of problems. Americans deserve healthcare that is affordable and accessible by all. Help me get to Congress so I can bring my many years of experience to the table.

Thank you,

– Nancy