Conventional wisdom about who can win in so-called “Red Districts” no longer applies: Conor Lamb proved that Tuesday night by winning Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district, a district President Trump won by 20 points in 2016.

Conor won because he refused to participate in politics as usual. Despite people telling him his district was unwinnable, he boldly ran a campaign based on his own values of common sense, compassion, and fighting for the American middle class.

He did what we know is right—fighting against the partisanship that has crippled our ability to get anything done in Washington.

As I’m on the campaign trail here in district 6 in Florida, that same message has been resonating since I began this race last summer. And this race faces even better odds than Conor Lamb’s.

Please contribute $10, $15, $25, or whatever you can afford to my race and help bring common sense back to Congress. Every amount is a huge step closer to victory.

Thank you,

– Nancy