Fox News: Ambassador Soderberg Debates Sean Hannity on "What message does a nuclear deal with Iran send?" on "Hannity"

Ambassador Nancy Soderberg and Fox News' "Hannity" host Sean Hannity heatedly debate the Iran nuclear deal on the show. 

Here's an excerpt and you can watch the full clip below:

SODERBERG: We tried that for 10 years, and they were very close to getting a nuclear weapon. It's only because we're talking to them that they're not getting a nuclear weapon right now. Without talking to them, there's no question they would have that. And then we're in a military confrontation with them.

Yes, we all agree the Iranian revolution created a terrible regime there. You missed the whole killing of the demonstrators and the students in 2009 during the elections. That's partly why I think President Obama is reaching out to the youth. Twenty-one percent -- 60 percent of that country is under the age of 21. We want them to see a different Iran.