The Nation: Trump Could Be the Most Hostile American President the UN Has Ever Faced


Nancy Soderberg, an American national-security specialist and diplomat of ambassadorial rank, served in the US mission to the UN in the late 1990s, mostly in the Security Council, after four years as deputy assistant to the president for national security in Bill Clinton’s administration. She does not downplay the chances of success for Haley, despite the huge gap in their experiences and knowledge of the UN.

“Anybody who’s a governor has got the skills to succeed in that job,” Soderberg said. “She doesn’t know much about foreign policy, but they said that about Clinton, too. She’s not steeped in the issues. My guess is that she’s perfectly qualified to do that job if she hires some good people around her.”

“Haley has a strong record of combating racism and intolerance, speaking out strongly after the murder of nine African Americans in a Charleston church [by Dylann Roof] and leading the efforts to get rid of the Confederate flag. The question now is whether Trump will give her authority to represent her principled views on a global stage,” Soderberg added. “What policies is she going to be asked to implement? Nobody knows the answer to that. The early indications are that she’s going to end up taking stances that are hugely unpopular in the UN.”

By Barbara Crossette for The Nation

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