Nancy Soderberg Posts Impressive Fundraising Quarter

DAYTONA BEACH (4/9/18) – Showing continued impressive momentum in her campaign for Congress, Nancy Soderberg today announced her campaign has raised $375,000 in the first quarter of 2018. That brings Soderberg’s total raised in this campaign to $920,000.

“Every day of this campaign, we hear from voters who want someone to take on the rigged system in Washington and cut through its dysfunction,” said Soderberg. “I’m committed to ensuring they finally have a representative they can count on to do just that. With such strong grassroots support, we can get this done together.”

Alexa Sheryll, Soderberg’s campaign manager, said, “While the Republican Congress is voting to cut health care for millions of people in Florida, raising health care premiums and running up an additional $1.5 trillion in national debt — Nancy Soderberg is offering a better choice and that’s why her campaign continues to grow and gain momentum.”

Soderberg’s campaign was recently placed on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s “Red to Blue” list making it one the top 33 races nationwide. She is also endorsed by EMILY’s List.

Soderberg’s opponents have yet to release their fundraising totals.