Nancy Soderberg Focuses on Providing Affordable, Accessible Health Care to Families In New Ad Series

The ads contrast how Soderberg will prioritize making health care more accessible and affordable with Mike Waltz’s plan to take away coverage and increase costs.


September 18, 2018

Daytona Beach — Today, Nancy Soderberg, former U.S. Ambassador and FL-06 Democratic nominee, released two new TV ads. The first ad, “Hung Up,” tells the story of Soderberg’s first-hand experience being denied health insurance because of her own pre-existing condition.

The second ad, “Unavailable,” highlights how her opponent, Michael Waltz, plans to take away coverage for tens of thousands of people and gut protections for pre-existing conditions.

“When I called numerous health insurance companies looking for coverage, they hung up on me because I have a pre-existing condition. That’s not right,” Soderberg said. “I’m running for Congress because every man, woman, and child deserves a Representative who will fight to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions, increase access to quality health care, and lower the price of prescription drugs.”


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