I’m with them.

Today, hundreds of thousands of brave young activists will stand in protest of gun violence and Congressional negligence. 

I am with them 100%—in fact, I’m marching with them myself in New Smyrna.

I feel called to participate in this historic event because, for too long, we as a society have allowed our children and students to take the brunt of gun violence, while Washington has turned a blind eye. They’ve let the NRA control the process, blocking laws that make us—and our communities—less safe.

What we’re seeing now is an inspiring new movement that has already made progress in Florida. We owe it to these advocates to give our full, rapt attention and our commitment to do whatever we can, whatever we must, to get the NRA’s influence out of our politics and enact common-sense gun legislation.

If we are truly going to respect these students and their bravery, we MUST respond to their calls to action.

Thank you so much for your support in helping me get to Congress to enact common-sense gun legislation. Any contribution you can give goes a long way towards bringing about real, concrete change.

 – Nancy