Help us send a message to President Trump

Will you join us in sending an important message to the Trump administration?

We want to tell them their new policy to remove limits on how long children and families can be detained at our southern border flies in the face of our American values.

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We need everyone on board if we are going to stop this cruel, inhumane, and un-American immigration policy.

Many of these families are seeking protection because they are fleeing extreme violence and horrific circumstances. However, instead of finding peace and security, the Trump administration has decided to rip children from the arms of their mothers and fathers, with no clear plan to reunify them and no way for parents to contact their kids to make sure they are okay.

And now Trump just signed an executive order that could force these families to be detained indefinitely… while leaving those already forcibly separated with no clear path to reunification.

Add your name to our petition to tell the Trump administration to stop their indefinite detention of families and kids at the border.

Thank you for taking this crucial first step so we can counter this cruel policy.

– Nancy