Our healthcare system is broken

Healthcare is the number one concern for many voters. Unfortunately, Congress is doing nothing to solve this issue and their inaction is only making the problem worse:

  • Costs are rising.
  • Premiums are going up 20-40%.
  • Coverage protections are being slashed.
  • The rate of uninsurance is rising.

Recent changes over the last year to key provisions in the healthcare law means fewer Americans will be protected from medical bankruptcies, rising prescription pill costs, and predatory insurance plans.

Also, growing political tensions are making it harder to find bipartisan solutions. We need leaders who will put party politics aside so we can finally get this done. Otherwise, hospitals, patients, emergency rooms, and state and federal budgets will be increasingly burdened.

Florida is already ranked near the bottom when it comes to categories such as access, treatment, inefficiency, fairness, and coverage. We need to make healthcare more obtainable and affordable—not the opposite.

Help me get to Congress so I can work with members of both parties to patch up and stabilize our healthcare systems. It needs to be a top priority for this Congress and White House. Contribute $10, $25, $50, or any amount you can muster so you can have a representative that will fight for you.

– Nancy