Healthcare accessibility is key to a healthy society.

Before the Affordable Care Act was set in place, a whopping 44 million Americans were uninsured. But three years later, the number nearly halved to 28 million. That number doesn’t just represent able bodied adults, it includes children and people with an array of special needs who need regular medical care.

The ACA also drove down personal bankruptcy numbers and has reduced emergency room visits in Florida.

My vision is of a healthy America. I want to work across the aisle in Washington to ensure that everyone in this country has access to affordable healthcare.

Please contribute $10, $20, $50, or any amount you can so that I can represent your needs in Washington.

With my extensive policymaking experience, I can make a real difference for all Americans. Together, we can work to make it and our whole healthcare system better.

Thank you for your generosity and support,

– Nancy