A grave threat to speech, innovation, and our economy

Today’s decision by the FCC to end net neutrality will not only make parts of the internet more expensive for consumers and content providers, it will also serve as a grave threat to free speech and innovation. It reverses the key principle that all content on the Internet is equal.

CONGRESS MUST ACT TO REVERSE THIS MOVE, and if it does not, I’ll fight to get it done when I am in Congress.

The traffic on today’s internet isn’t filtered—in the sense that when you stream something from Netflix, download files from Dropbox, or pull a video from your favorite news site, your internet service provider (ISP) can’t discriminate and slow or block one vs. the other.

However, with today’s decision, internet companies will soon be able to slow or block any traffic that they wish, and/or demand higher rates for that content to come in at fast speeds.

Practically speaking, this could mean an ISP could block competitors’ or critics’ sites. Or block political opinions or news they deem unfavorable.

New, smaller businesses will find themselves at a disadvantage against multinational corporations who can afford to pay for higher speeds. Local musicians will find themselves against big record labels who can pay to get their music through faster.

That is simply wrong. We all deserve the same access to the internet.

Please help me fight this. Contribute to my campaign here.

– Nancy Soderberg