Dick Cheney’s advisor is blaming me for 9/11

One of my potential challengers on the Republican side is Dick Cheney’s former advisor—and he’s trying to blame ME for 9/11.

How very Cheney-esque.

We all know what happened—and more specifically, what didn’t happen—as the Bush-Cheney administration sat on its heels and ignored sign after sign, and CIA memo after memo over their first nine months. (And most critically, in the weeks right before 9/11 happened.)

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We should not allow the same people who constructed the lies that brought us into a costly, irresponsible war in Iraq to be the gatekeepers in Congress. And while we live in a time where people tend to only consume the news that agrees with their worldview and politics, facts still matter and they will matter in this race.

We must push for a government that holds people accountable for their actions and their words.

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– Nancy Soderberg