DeSantis Rallies for Roy Moore

Late last week, my opponent, Ron DeSantis, stood by President Trump’s side as he rallied for Roy Moore.

As you likely have heard, Moore has been accused of harassing and assaulting teens, was literally banned from the local mall, and even a local police officer was instructed to keep Moore away from the cheerleaders at the high school football games.

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DeSantis’ failure to speak out against Moore, just as he failed to speak out against the KKK in this district—shows how deeply disconnected he is from his own constituents.

Just six years ago, Moore advocated for the elimination of our Constitutional Amendments after the 10th Amendment. Given the role of those Amendments, some of which guaranteed the right to vote for women and minorities, we should all be even more concerned.

Yet there DeSantis was… next to Trump in support of Moore.

I don’t know what the outcome of tomorrow’s vote will be, but I know that Ron DeSantis needs to leave.

– Nancy Soderberg