Congress has until MIDNIGHT FRIDAY to fund the Government

The clock is ticking down to avert a shutdown:

Congress has until MIDNIGHT FRIDAY to come up with legislation to fund the government and keep the US economy from nosediving.

In 2013, the last time the government shutdown, vital services and programs were halted such as social security and disability provisions, national parks and monuments were closed, and the US lost $2.5 billion in GDP productivity.

If our leaders allow this to happen, it amounts to political negligence that will hurt American families.

In addition, lawmakers also need to figure out a way to raise the debt ceiling, extend funding for children’s health insurance (CHIP), and solve a quickly growing list of extremely troubling challenges facing our nation.

Our elected representatives are continuously letting us down. I say it is time we show them the door.

Please help me get to Congress so we can change the status quo and finally get back to sensible government that actually works to improve the lives of voters and taxpayers.

– Nancy Soderberg