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Latest News

Our gun problem

Our country's students have it right - WE NEED stricter gun laws NOW. And after all these recent gun tragedies, 7 out of 10 Florida voters are now in agreement. I applaud our Florida legislature and Gov. Scott for taking a big first step by signing Read More »


Conventional wisdom about who can win in so-called “Red Districts” no longer applies: Conor Lamb proved that Tuesday night by winning Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district, a district President Trump won by 20 points in 2016. Conor won because he refused to participate in politics as usual. Read More »

Helping the women in our life

Today is International Women’s Day—a yearly celebration of gender progress and a recognition of the strong women leaders who came before us. While serving in the United Nations, I saw firsthand the devastating effects of gender inequality and economic oppression towards women and young girls in Read More »

I’ve been endorsed by EMILY’s List!

I’m very excited to announce that yesterday our campaign was endorsed by EMILY’S List, the leading Democratic women’s resource in the country. EMILY’S List has a stellar history of supporting women candidates and issues relating to families and communities for over 30 years. Their endorsement isn’t Read More »

Another tragedy, another failure by leaders.

Yesterday, as Parkland students looked on, Republicans in the State Legislature rejected an assault weapons ban in Florida, which would have also restricted high capacity magazines and banned bump-stocks like the kind that was used in Las Vegas. This inexcusable inaction makes it all the more Read More »

The costs are high

When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed, millions of Americans who previously couldn’t afford health insurance were able to access the care they needed without fear of bankruptcy due to mounting medical bills. Rather than work to make the ACA better, Republicans have vowed to Read More »

Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and this year's theme is "African Americans in Times of War.” Since the American Revolution, thousands of black Americans have selflessly given their lives to protect the United States and global democracy. This month, we honor these Americans for this incredible Read More »

Nancy Soderberg’s Sixth District Congressional Campaign Continues to Build Momentum with Fundraising Totaling $544,636

CRESCENT BEACH, Fla., Jan. 30, 2018 –– Nancy Soderberg’s campaign for Florida’s Sixth Congressional district today announced raising $207,989 last quarter, totalling $544,636 since launching the campaign July 2017. The total Soderberg raised makes her the most competitive Democrat in recent history, demonstrating the determination Read More »

New endorsements!

I'm excited by the momentum we have right now. This campaign is really building. I’m honored to share with you that I’ve received three key local endorsements from Florida State Representative Patrick Henry, Volusia County Council At-Large Representative Joyce Cusack, and Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick L. Read More »