Breaking: NRCC has started their attacks on me.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has launched their first attack on me… and from my standpoint, this is a very good sign.

They’re nervous about this race—and they should be. The NRCC knows that the voters of this district are tired of the extreme right dominating our politics and Congressional leadership.

Our success isn’t happening in a vacuum. It’s happening because actual voters don’t see health care as a political tool… they see it as vital to their survival and quality of life.

Most reasonable people don’t actually believe we should be tweeting insults as part of our foreign policy. They don’t actually think we should turn our backs on our own allies and the agreements we’ve negotiated on everything from carbon emissions to arms control.

They want someone who has both the knowledge and temperament to bring some level of sanity to the work at hand.

We’re not just on their radar; we’re now a target. And if standing for the district and its values means taking on the worst elements of the Republican Party now, then so be it.

In my years as a Deputy National Security Advisor and as an Ambassador in the United Nations, I helped take on dictators and terrorists. The NRCC doesn’t scare me…They should be scared of me!