Another tragedy, another failure by leaders.

Yesterday, as Parkland students looked on, Republicans in the State Legislature rejected an assault weapons ban in Florida, which would have also restricted high capacity magazines and banned bump-stocks like the kind that was used in Las Vegas.

This inexcusable inaction makes it all the more imperative for Congress to take action and respond to the brave advocacy of Parkland students, teachers and parents (and so many others whose lives have been affected by gun violence).

Like you, I’m deeply affected by the Parkland students’ call to action. They are right that we can’t simply allow this to follow the same pattern. To change it, we must elect more leaders in Congress that have the courage to stand up against the NRA and for our safety.

Please help me compete against what will surely be an NRA-supported opponent:
Contribute here so I may take my stand against assault rifles to Congress.

It is unconscionable that after so many mass shootings at schools and public events that we as a society continue to allow semi-automatic firearms and magazines that can be loaded with more than 10 rounds of ammunition to be sold, including to teenagers.

The cost to our way of life—to be fearful of sending your child to school or of going to a concert or movie theater—is too much. We may not be able to stop every attack — but let’s get these assault weapons off our streets.

Thank you for supporting me in this race, and helping me fight for rational legislation in Congress.

– Nancy Soderberg