A Democratic Wave is Coming…

Democrats, independents, moderates, and anyone opposed to the extreme policies of this current administration have a huge opportunity this MIDTERM ELECTION to win back CONGRESS.

A wave is coming and is likely already here. Recent victories in traditional Republican strongholds like Wisconsin, Alabama, and Virginia have GOP leaders nervous and in disarray.

There are now over 30 Republicans who will not seek reelection, including our District 6 Representative, Ron DeSantis. If we can win just half of these open seats, Democrats will take back the House this November.

Will you help us achieve this very important goal? DeSantis’ withdrawal means our district seat is wide open, and according to the nonpartisan Center For Politics, we are now targeted as a race that could flip to Democrats. Then I can fight for common sense solutions to help American families.

Please make a donation today if you’re able to support this effort. All amounts are appreciated and will go directly towards winning District 6. Click here to quickly give $5, $25, $50, $100, or any amount of your choosing!

The Republican Party is in disarray, and barely able to pass a budget to keep the government open, even though they control all three branches of government. They are simply not doing enough to fight and protect average Americans.

We need to push back and do everything we can to WIN THESE OPEN SEATS.

Thank you for stepping up,

– Nancy Soderberg