I’m Nancy Soderberg and I'm running for Congress FL- 6.

The politicians in Washington seem to have forgotten what’s at stake.

I am running to fight for us — the people of Florida. Good jobs that pay a living wage, our children’s education, and a secure retirement. It’s time for your voice to be heard in Washington.

I’ve lived here for more than a decade, and I love our state - the people, the weather, and Florida’s natural beauty.

I served our country on the National Security Council under President Clinton.
My proudest moment was representing our flag as an Ambassador to the United Nations. I’ve negotiated for peace and helped save lives.

Now, I teach at the University of North Florida where I have many smart students from Volusia, Lake, Flagler and St. Johns. I also run a small consulting business.

My Mom was a high school English teacher, and my Dad was an engineer and a Korean War Veteran.
They both taught me about service, hard work, caring about people and trying to make a difference.

We need leaders in Washington who understand the struggles people face and the real world consequences of their actions.

When Donald Trump and my Republican opponent back a bill that will throw over 70,000 citizens in our District off health care, increase premiums, and deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions — 
I know the consequences.

It's wrong to put people's lives at risk. I’ll work to protect your health care, not take it away.

In Congress, I’ll fight to make sure your voice is heard. I’ll focus on growing our economy, helping small business, making college more affordable and protecting our environment. And I'll work to balance the budget the right way.

We can come together and focus on issues that matter. I’ll work every day to keep America safe and secure — and ensure that America is a leader in facing today’s challenges.

You have a real choice in this election — business as usual — or a new voice and a new conversation.


Nancy Soderberg's Campaign Kickoff for Florida's Congressional District 6 on July 19, 2017 in DeLand!