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Hi, I’m Nancy Soderberg and I am running for Congress, FL District 6.

The politicians in Washington seem to have forgotten what’s at stake.

In Congress, I’ll fight to make sure your voice is heard. I’ll focus on growing our economy, helping small business, making college more affordable and protecting our environment. And I’ll work to balance the budget the right way. I believe we can come together and focus on issues that matter. I’ll work every day to keep America safe and secure — and ensure that America is a leader in facing today’s challenges.

You have a real choice in this election — business as usual — or a new voice and a new conversation.

Please join me.

Latest News

  • Our gun problem

    Our country’s students have it right – WE NEED stricter gun laws NOW. And after all these recent gun tragedies, 7 out of 10 Florida voters are now in agreement. I applaud our Florida legislature and Gov. Scott for taking a big first step by Read More »

  • PA18

    Conventional wisdom about who can win in so-called “Red Districts” no longer applies: Conor Lamb proved that Tuesday night by winning Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district, a district President Trump won by 20 points in 2016. Conor won because he refused to participate in politics as Read More »

  • Helping the women in our life

    Today is International Women’s Day—a yearly celebration of gender progress and a recognition of the strong women leaders who came before us. While serving in the United Nations, I saw firsthand the devastating effects of gender inequality and economic oppression towards women and young girls Read More »

Nancy Soderberg for Congress. A New Voice